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Natural Conception & Infertility


Most of usconsider getting pregnant as part of the natural course of life and don’t realize its implication until we experience some hurdles in the course. The fact of the matter is, getting pregnant is often more demanding than we realize, especially as we age. So, to set the record straight and hopefully avoid a few surprises and minimize the potential for disappointment, here are a few facts on how to get pregnant.

  • What are the factors essential for pregnancy?
  • What is the most important factor to increase your chances of getting pregnant?
  • How to know the exact time of ovulation?
  • What are the chances of conception each month?
  • How often should you have sex?
  • Is one position better to conceive?
  • A lot of ejaculate spills out after withdrawal. Is this a problem?
  • Should you lie down for long time after intercourse?
  • What are things to avoid after sex?
  • When can you test for pregnancy?